Computer Science Immersion

Computer Science

The Redding School District believes that Computer Science is more than just offering devices to students and using websites that offer basic instruction on how to code. We believe that to truly become stewards of our future we must empower our students now to meet the challenges that they will face when they exit school and college.

Analysts are saying that there will be 200 million new jobs in Science and Technology by the time our Kindergartens graduate High School. Technology moves at a breakneck pace, and we believe its our duty to prepare our students to enter into adulthood with a well rounded understanding of not just how to use technology but how to create, critically think and capitalize on their foundation in Computer Science instruction.

In the 2017-18 School year the Redding School District embarked on a journey to bring true Computer Science Immersion to 3 of our Elementary Schools. This Program features training for both students and teachers with a dedicated technology coach, helping teachers implement the ideas of Computer Science into everyday curriculum. All of this building to the goal of students being able to confidently take the AP Principals Computer Science test and APA Computer Science test by 9th Grade!

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